How to register your opportunities

Has your organisation used the Volunteer Centre service before?

No – go through Stages 1 and 2

Yes – go straight to Stage 2

Stage 1: Membership Registration

Each organisation seeking volunteers needs to register with us by completing the membership form here:

Click here to download 'New Membership Volunteer Centre Bath 01-09-16v1 (2).docx' [64kb]

and return it to

Stage 2: Volunteer Opportunity Registration

Advertise your roles on our database called Volunteer Connect:   Are you a community group, charity, non-profit or public sector organisation?  If so you can register your volunteering opportunities with us.

Before advertising your roles, it’s good to really think about why you’re involving volunteers, what you want to achieve and how you will do that in a way that benefits your organisation, your staff and volunteers

Each of your opportunities will be tracked. All we ask in return is that you tell us which of your volunteers originate through  the Volunteer Centre.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.

Volunteer Connect enables you to:

  • Login and update your details
  • Advertise your roles
  • Manage & track volunteers who’ve registered interest in your roles
  • View their profile before inviting them to apply
  • Choose how you want prospective volunteers to contact you
  • Search our Volunteer Bank to find suitable volunteers
  • Keep track of all your roles, past and present

   Register / Login to advertise your volunteer roles   

Registration:    Once you have registered you can add volunteer roles to your organisation profile. Within five working days we will check your registration details and contact you if further information is needed. 

When you have been approved we will email your roles will go live on the website.

Prospective volunteers using Volunteer Connect can:

  • Sign up & create their profile – a quick & easy process
  • Edit their profile and preferences
  • Search for suitable volunteer roles
  • Login and see invitations from you to apply for positions
  • Get email updates on new roles

Each opportunity needs to be registered separately using the Advertise your volunteering roles .